Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Happy Teacher's Day : by ~ Niilesh A Raje

Happy Teacher's Day !!! Presenting copy of my book "Notable Personalities" to my School Principal  

Short piece I penned down and presented to my school Principal on this 5th Day of September 2015. Last few years on this special day I have been visiting my school and paying respect to all my teachers.

Our Respected Principal,

Happy Teacher's Day !!!

The 5th Day of September in INDIA commemorates the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakhrishnan, 2nd President of India, a philosopher, and a teacher par excellence well known for his contribution towards Indian education system.

Teacher’s Day reminds me of an old adage and words from Julius Nyerere former President of the United Republic of Tanzania, “Education is not a way to escape poverty. It is indeed a way of fighting it”.

It warms up my heart to visit my school at least once in a year on this special day namely “Teacher’s Day”. Those days when we were in school we were too apprehensive to come inside  our Principal’s cabin but today post passing out of my school many years ago it’s a different experience of paying reverence to my school, my teachers and all the staff members.

Let me take this opportunity to seek your blessings and present to you and our school library copy of my book titled, "Notable Personalities" - An Achievers Inspiration. My book is a collection of twelve personalities who are known for their commitment to the chosen craft delivered with a certain stamp of flamboyance and with whom I had the opportunity to meet and interact with them in person. 

In school as a student we were given the homework of learning the meaning of new words and then constructing sentence which uses these new words. The quantum of new words to learn were many but the marks one could get in the examination for attempting these questions were minuscule.

But today, while I present to you copy of my book I realize that it is not those little marks that count but it’s those, “Great Words That Equate Great Power”.

Thank you teachers for guiding us and making us what we are today. 

Our parents, our family and our teachers remain to be our true inspiration in the odyssey of our life.


Gratitude, Love, Care and Respect

Niilesh A Raje

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