Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Maestro of Saxophone Manohari Singh Expired

Contributed by ~ Niilesh A Raje

The Senior most as well as renowned saxophonist from the Indian music industry Manohari Singh who was a close associate and music assistant of legendary music composer R.D.Burman, died on Tuesday 13th July 2010 following cardiac arrest. Singh was also the Mumbai film industry's last surviving links with members of RD's original band who played the saxophonist and mandolin.

Manohari Singh nicknamed as "Manohari Da" or simply "Dada" was bestowed with the Dada Phalke Academy award for his invaluable contribution to cine music as well as O.P. Nayyar Award for his contribution to the Hindi film industry.
Be it a small segment of just five seconds or a solo of five minutes but the passion and pride with which Dada worked and gave complete justice to his brass reed instrument with gradually widening tube popularly called as the "Saxophone" is absolutely mind blowing. Dada ensured that he kept his gold-plated Saxophone away from the dust neat and clean.

In Mumbai Dada was invited in the Bombay Lab Studios for the first time to give background music. It was the song Tumhe Yaad Hoga Kabhi Hum Mile They from Satta Bazaar that made Dada famous overnight. Dada also has an album titled 'Sax Appeal' to his credit, which contains the artistic expression of his saxophone.

Growing popularity of stage shows in recent times had given more visibility and recognition to Dada. In spite of being up in age the passion and pride which Dada took in his work was instrumental in captivating the heart of his music lovers. Dada was known to get a standing ovation each time he came on the center stage. May his soul rest in peace.