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Love works wonders when you listen to your inner voice admits Tejas Deoskar : Interviewed by Nileysh A Raje

In today’s age of social media where one’s goal, career, aspirations takes precedence it’s equally true that when it comes down to the matters of the heart love makes people tick. The love our parents enjoyed in their own way was different and how today’s college going youth or corporate executive views their love is different. Also, with easy access to SMS, Whatsapp, BBM and many more communication tools is there a secret recipe for one to be successful in love looking at the technology advancement that helps you be connected with your better half anytime anywhere?
At one time one leaves their love and goes away from their life but comes back again with passage of time only to realize that no this is my love and this is the one with whom I want to marry and spend the rest of my life.
Mumbai based writer Nileysh A Raje speaks to the Director Tejas Vijay Deoskar about his new Marathi Movie titled “Premsutra” to be released this Friday where he feels that in today’s age  “Love is Never Blind”.
Tell me why love makes people tick?
For every person their love is unique and the experience one gets in their love is also unique. Love means commitment or marriage for some. It could mean possessiveness or jealousy for the other. Love could also mean insecurity or showing dominance over the other. No matter what form it takes but its all part of love. In a relationship when an individual gets that feeling of a fish with no water I would say that it’s this feeling in love that makes people tick admits Tejas.
Has the definition of love changed of what it meant for the older generation and what it means for today’s youth?
Premsutra is everybody’s story. The older generation viewed love as their benchmark of commitment. But, in today’s age one’s career, goals, finance, achievements and aspirations takes much precedence.
Premsutra is a love story where the plot revolves around Anand played by Sandeep Kulkarni, a young Manager of a Corporate House posted at Goa for project work. It puts one in a situation where decision to follow your heart is over ruled by materialistic things in the world. Finally it’s the love that drives one towards their destination.
There are some individuals who just follow their heart. In the longer run, it is always your heart that takes you through. Premsutra tells one to follow your heart and believe in the beauty of one’s chosen dreams.
The major part of your movie was shot in Goa. Any message you would like to convey to your audience by showcasing love in Goa in this movie?
Goa, is a relatively smaller state situated on the western coast of India is famous for its beautiful beaches churches and very popular for tourism. In spite of it being so close on our western coast we haven’t seen many Marathi movies being shot in Goa. As the theme of the movie revolves around love we thought it would be ideal to have Goa as the preferred romantic destination.
The message we want to convey to the masses is Goa is not just about beaches and parties but also involves families who are conservative and very cultured. It’s fun to watch them and see how through the medium of songs and dance the whole families unite bringing about bonding within the family.
The movie has been shot in the coal mines in Goa and just as one goes deep into the coal mines in a similar manner the deeper one goes in love the clearer their love and message is. In fact love works wonders if one listen’s to their inner voice.
The crew in the movie “Premsutra” also includes other well known artistes
Yes. The film “ Premsutra also has other well known artistes like Shruti Marathe, Pallavi Subhash, Lokesh Gupte, Shishir Sharma, Ila Bhate, Shubha Khote, Prasad Pandit, Pradeep Athavale and others. Based on the concept designed by Sandeep Kulkarni, the script of the film has been expanded by Prasad Mirasdar and me with dialogue support coming from Mahendra Teredesai. Film’s music has been composed by Susmit Limaye with editing work done by Apoorva Motiwale and Asish Mhatre. It’s Fincraft Media and Entertainment and Kshitij Entertainment in association with Kathakkar.
Here’s wishing Tejas Deoskar and the whole team great success for his movie “Premsutra” slated for release on 21st June 2013. To get the feel of how love works wonders go and watch the movie “Premsutra” (Love Is Never Blind) at your nearest theatre.

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Niilesh A Raje with Tejas Deoskar

My dear friend Tejas Deoskar Director of his Marathi Movie "Premsutra" ( Love Is Never Blind ) slated for release this friday . . .

Niilesh A Raje with Sandeep Kulkarni

With my dear friend actor Sandeep Kulkarni as a special press invite regards his new Marathi Movie "Premsutra"    ( Love Is Never Blind ) to be released this friday . . .

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Niilesh A Raje on getting "Reader of the Week" award

Niilesh A Raje on getting "Reader of the Week" award on having piece published and judged as the winning entry in Hindustan Times . . .

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Mr. Raje

                                                  Blue Love . . .

My first article

My first article written earlier which got published in the print media Mumbai Mirror . . .
~ Nileysh A Raje

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Ek Duuje Ke Liye

Gangavaram Beach in Andhra Pradesh ( Visakhapatnam ) - The overhanging rock seen in the picture is one located on the Gangavaram Beach in Visakhapatnam. The rock gained popularity in the movie "Ek Duuje Ke Liye". Not to forget Vasu and Sapna's name inscribed on it . . . Notice that extra "U" in Duuje . . . Lyrics none other Anand Bakshi who also won the Filmfare Aware for Best Lyricist for this movie . . .

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How Shrikant Narayan became a voice of Mohammed Rafi


Niilesh A Raje

On the eve of the 88th birthday of late iconic singer Mohammed Rafi, Mumbai-based singer Shrikant Narayan performed a 12-hour marathon concert titled 'Pukarta Chala Hoon Main' rendering 101 immortal songs of Rafi Saab, paying rich tributes to the legend from 12 noon till 1:20am.

What set me thinking post reading about this event is what inspired this achiever Shrikant to perform for over 12 hours nonstop. Many of us could only imagine what he endured to complete his 12-hour nonstop ordeal. Most of us may not even think or attempt of doing anything of this nature. On the contrary, individuals would rather prefer to sit in their own comfort zones.
My curiosity levels increased and I decided to catch up with the singer himself for a brief interview over a cup of tea to which he readily agreed.

Excerpts of  Shrikant Narayan's meeting with Niilesh A Raje (Editor ; Nosstalgiaaa)

 Early Aspirations of Being Cricketer

Shrikant Narayan, a Kandivali-based resident, was born in a middle class family where having a good stable job was considered to be the utmost priority. He was more inclined towards playing cricket and wanted to become a cricketer. He used to commute from his residence to Worli Cricket Club in order to pursue his dream.

Singing music was then just part of his life but never his passion. He used to listen and ape songs of Kishore Kumar. Chal Chal Chal Mere Haathi, O Mere Saathi was the one he started with.

The College Singing Competition

While he was a student at Bhavan's college, one of his friends recommended his name for a singing competition and ensured that he participated. Narayan gave the audition first and later got selected for the singing competition. The year was 1986-1987 and the song was "Tere Mere Sapne" that won him the first prize at the Intercollegiate singing competition. It was after this incident that Narayan decided to give singing his serious thought and the tone was set.

In 1988-1989, he started pursuing music under the stewardship of Mohinderjeet Singh. He also started learning the importance of voice modulation from the renowned vocalist "Ananth Vaidyanathathan" who helped him understand how to maintain one's flow coupled with rise and fall in the pitch of one's voice.

Dol Doltay Varyavar Koli Songs

While Shrikant was in the final year of B.Sc., he was introduced by his friend Santosh Nayak to Venus Records as the right choice for singing Koli songs. To get the ascent and pronunciation right, Narayan rehearsed the same for full 10 days commuting daily from his home to Versova. The end result was some good toe tapping Koli dance numbers which included Dol Doltay Varyavar and Me Hay Koli which even today music lover's enjoy listening it.

Break was highly instrumental for him setting the tone for recording future songs as it gave Narayan immense recognition. He won a "Double Platinum Disc".

Career transition from pharmaceutical company to singing

I was more interested to understand from Shrikant whether singing was an overnight journey for him or was it a voyage of discovery. The answer was the latter. After post graduation from Bhavan's College, his first job (1990-1991) was with "Film Center", where he worked as a "Computer Operator" for one year.

"I consider myself lucky with the work exposure I got at Film Center as I could witness the live recordings of some of the legendary music composers like R D Burman or Kalyanji Anandji," admits Shrikant.

His second job was relating to Pharma Sales and was associated with the company US Vitamins. His third job was again sales related with the pharmaceutical company named May and Baker where he worked for a period of over eight years.

Days of Struggle

With the passage of time, music kept Narayan so busy that he had to keep juggling between his full time job and live music shows which at one point of time became relatively difficult for him. With careful consideration and due thought, he decided to quit his full time job now for getting full time into music.

"With no job in hand there was a lot of resistance from the home on this decision taken by me," informs Narayan. Year 1997 witnessed the concept of stage shows and it was here Narayan started exploring and getting more opportunities in vintage songs by performing live music stage shows.

“My parents were terribly upset post leaving the stable job. As I used to get back home late post coming back from the shows or recording I decided not to disturb my parents and opted to stay very near to my parent’s home. I used to then stay in one-room apartment and used to come home late post finishing my shows or recording. I used to just have a glass of milk and sleep. Those were the days of my struggle which lasted for a brief period of time which I could never forget,” informs Shrikant.

Voice of Mohammed Rafi

Today, he is popularly known for the "Voice of Mohammed Rafi" and has been instrumental in creating his own unique identity, captivating the listeners with his melodious vocal chords. The year 2004 gave him the big break, admits Shrikant.

A theme based show on Mohammed Rafi was created under the brand "Phir Rafi" by Prasad Mahadkar of Jeevan Gaani where he has been performing four shows every year back to back rendering songs of Rafi Saab. Today he has recorded more than thousand private songs in different languages in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malyalam. He feels good in letting us know that Rafi Saab's family always attends his shows.

Today, his parents who were initially apprehensive of his singing career now take pride in their son's very own achievements and they all want to come for all his shows. Apart from his family, his wife and children Narayan owe his success to organizers like Prasad Mahadkar of Jeevan Gani and Rajesh Subramanian of Musicolor for having the faith and confidence in him for performing stage shows.

Known for the Voice of Rafi

Narayan regrets that he could not meet Rafi Saab in person but yes the blessings of his family are always showered upon him.

Awards and Recognition

Shrikant has been awarded the Maharashtra Kalabhushan award by the Maharashtra government, and Jan parishad award by the Madhya Pradesh government. Double platinum Disc for his hit koli song 'Dol dolthai Varyaveri" by Venus records and tapes co. for the largest ever sold folk Marathi album.

Today, he has performed in more than 900 stage shows all over India and abroad and has sung with popular artistes like Kavita Krishnamurthy, Shankar Mahadevan, Vinod Rathod and Sudesh Bhosle. Narayan also presents exclusive Mohammed Rafi shows where he performs with such ardour and diligence that he leaves his audience spellbound.

Was Shrikant lucky in achieving the "Celebrity Status". The reality is Shrikant worked, planned and sacrificed for many years to get this status. In his early days, he committed his spare time in learning music which is now his full time profession. The efforts he put in across the years may be temporary but the satisfaction and rewards are long-lasting.

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“Love is Never Blind”: Actor Sandeep Kulkarni in a brief conversation with writer Nileysh A Raje talks about his forthcoming release Marathi Movie “Premsutra”

by: Nileysh A Raje

 We all have heard of this old adage that “Love is Blind” but the forthcoming Marathi Movie “Premsutra” slated for release on 21st June 2013 Produced by Kshitij Entertainment and Kathakaar and Directed by Tejas Vijay Deoskar have a different view of looking at the matters of the heart where they feel Love is Never Blind. In fact Love is it’s a singular experience plurally felt witnessing the delicate merger of two souls.
In a brief chat with Nileysh A Raje here’s what actor Sandeep Kulkarni has to say about his forthcoming release “Premsutra”. Sandeep plays the lead role of Anand a typical metropolitan executive from the corporate world in this movie.
Sandeep has acted in three National Award-winning films: Shwaas (2004), India's official entry to the Oscars; Dombivali Fast (2006); and Traffic Signal (2007). He has won three Maharashtra State awards in the Best Actor category for Shwaas in 2004, Dombivali Fast in 2006 and Adhantari in 2005. He has also won the Best Actor Award in the Nigerian Film Festival for his critically acclaimed performance in the film Ek Daav Sansaracha in 2009. His remarkable contributions were steps in the positive direction to lift Marathi movies at an International platform.
Can you add more details regard your forthcoming release “Premsutra” whose concept was designed by you?
The movie is set on the backdrop of scenic Goa is all about a love story directed by Tejas Vijay Deuskar under the banner of Kshitij Entertainment. The plot revolves around Anand, a young Manager of a Corporate House posted at Goa for project work. The movie is to be released on 21st June 2013.
Can you tell me more about the role of Anand you are playing in this movie who is impressed with the girl Saniya’s free nature and clear understanding about “love, sex and marriage”?
Anand is a metropolitan executive working in the corporate world. Though he is sensitive and sensible but for him career is the most important milestone in his life and not marriage.  Anand is commissioned as a Manager in a Mine in Goa. Accidentally, Anand meets Saniya  a simple nature loving local catholic Girl living in a typical orthodox catholic family. She is enthusiastic and free soul from Goa. She loves nature and is free from the materialistic desires. Anand is impressed by Saniya’s free nature and clear understanding about “love, sex and marriage”. It's all about their love story.
The character Anand an executive from the corporate world seems to be more focussed on the career front rather than his very own espousal. How does the story unfold in “Premsutra”?
Anand as you see is impressed by Saniya's free nature. Sujit is Anand's colleague and they both share a good understanding and friendship. Malavika is Anand's boss's daughter and has infatuation towards Anand. Anand is of the firm opinion that he needs to concentrate on climbing up the corporate ladder rather than getting married.
One fine day, Anand and Saniya find themselves at crossroads where Anand is confused on taking a decision on his personal and professional front whereas Sania is confident on her part. The fact is their Love is not blind but what unfolds in their journey of real love an attraction, affection, possession, seduction or responsibility. I think one needs to wait and watch "Premsutra" that would answer all these questions.
The crew in the movie “Premsutra” also includes other well known artistes
Yes. The film “ Premsutra also has other well known artistes like Shruti Marathe, Lokesh Gupte, Shishir Sharma, Ila Bhate, Shubha Khote, Prasad Pandit, Pradeep Athavale and others. Based on the concept designed by Sandeep Kulkarni, the script of the film has been expanded by Prasad Mirasdar and Tejas Vijay Deuskar with dialogue support coming from Mahendra Teredesai. Film’s music has been composed by Susmit Limaye with editing work done by Apoorva Motiwale and Asish Mhatre.
Here’s wishing Sandeep Kulkarni and the whole crew All The Best for the release of the movie “Premsutra” slated for release on 21st June 2013.
Interviewed by: Nileysh A Raje

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Niilesh A Raje achieves the status as an "Expert Author" with

  Niilesh A Raje achieves the status as an "Expert Author" with

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Mr. Bachchan quotes my name on his twitter today . . .

Mr. Bachchan quotes my name on his twitter today . . .

Twitter . . .

Thank you Mr. Bachchan Ji for quoting my name on your twitter today something that I shared with you yesterday . . .

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Niilesh A Raje with historian, writer and theatre personality . . .

With Babasaheb Purandare a historian, writer and theatre personality from Maharashtra. Known for his popular play on Shivaji Jaanta Raja . . .