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“Love is Never Blind”: Actor Sandeep Kulkarni in a brief conversation with writer Nileysh A Raje talks about his forthcoming release Marathi Movie “Premsutra”

by: Nileysh A Raje

 We all have heard of this old adage that “Love is Blind” but the forthcoming Marathi Movie “Premsutra” slated for release on 21st June 2013 Produced by Kshitij Entertainment and Kathakaar and Directed by Tejas Vijay Deoskar have a different view of looking at the matters of the heart where they feel Love is Never Blind. In fact Love is it’s a singular experience plurally felt witnessing the delicate merger of two souls.
In a brief chat with Nileysh A Raje here’s what actor Sandeep Kulkarni has to say about his forthcoming release “Premsutra”. Sandeep plays the lead role of Anand a typical metropolitan executive from the corporate world in this movie.
Sandeep has acted in three National Award-winning films: Shwaas (2004), India's official entry to the Oscars; Dombivali Fast (2006); and Traffic Signal (2007). He has won three Maharashtra State awards in the Best Actor category for Shwaas in 2004, Dombivali Fast in 2006 and Adhantari in 2005. He has also won the Best Actor Award in the Nigerian Film Festival for his critically acclaimed performance in the film Ek Daav Sansaracha in 2009. His remarkable contributions were steps in the positive direction to lift Marathi movies at an International platform.
Can you add more details regard your forthcoming release “Premsutra” whose concept was designed by you?
The movie is set on the backdrop of scenic Goa is all about a love story directed by Tejas Vijay Deuskar under the banner of Kshitij Entertainment. The plot revolves around Anand, a young Manager of a Corporate House posted at Goa for project work. The movie is to be released on 21st June 2013.
Can you tell me more about the role of Anand you are playing in this movie who is impressed with the girl Saniya’s free nature and clear understanding about “love, sex and marriage”?
Anand is a metropolitan executive working in the corporate world. Though he is sensitive and sensible but for him career is the most important milestone in his life and not marriage.  Anand is commissioned as a Manager in a Mine in Goa. Accidentally, Anand meets Saniya  a simple nature loving local catholic Girl living in a typical orthodox catholic family. She is enthusiastic and free soul from Goa. She loves nature and is free from the materialistic desires. Anand is impressed by Saniya’s free nature and clear understanding about “love, sex and marriage”. It's all about their love story.
The character Anand an executive from the corporate world seems to be more focussed on the career front rather than his very own espousal. How does the story unfold in “Premsutra”?
Anand as you see is impressed by Saniya's free nature. Sujit is Anand's colleague and they both share a good understanding and friendship. Malavika is Anand's boss's daughter and has infatuation towards Anand. Anand is of the firm opinion that he needs to concentrate on climbing up the corporate ladder rather than getting married.
One fine day, Anand and Saniya find themselves at crossroads where Anand is confused on taking a decision on his personal and professional front whereas Sania is confident on her part. The fact is their Love is not blind but what unfolds in their journey of real love an attraction, affection, possession, seduction or responsibility. I think one needs to wait and watch "Premsutra" that would answer all these questions.
The crew in the movie “Premsutra” also includes other well known artistes
Yes. The film “ Premsutra also has other well known artistes like Shruti Marathe, Lokesh Gupte, Shishir Sharma, Ila Bhate, Shubha Khote, Prasad Pandit, Pradeep Athavale and others. Based on the concept designed by Sandeep Kulkarni, the script of the film has been expanded by Prasad Mirasdar and Tejas Vijay Deuskar with dialogue support coming from Mahendra Teredesai. Film’s music has been composed by Susmit Limaye with editing work done by Apoorva Motiwale and Asish Mhatre.
Here’s wishing Sandeep Kulkarni and the whole crew All The Best for the release of the movie “Premsutra” slated for release on 21st June 2013.
Interviewed by: Nileysh A Raje

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